30 Days of Lists – Days 2, 3 & 4


This challenge is so much fun for me! It is bringing out my creative side! I am getting to “play” with my supplies again! Getting my creative juices flowing! :) This will be a great book to look back at later! To see what interested me or how I felt! Check out my last post […]

My Kitchen Island – It’s love!!

Kitchen Island 5 Robyn's Little Nest

We have been working on our kitchen for what seems to be for eons. I know in part because other things tend to take priority and that is totally ok :) But when you are this close to the finish line…..it’s super exciting! In case you have missed any of our kitchen posts check them […]

30 Days of Lists Challenge & Day 1


When I saw a post on Instagram for “I am participating in 30 days of lists”.  SOLD! You had me at lists. I {heart} lists. This is nothing new for me! As a Planner Girl, Planner Addict, Planner Geek and so on….I totally can’t help myself. Planners and lists are how I function best! So […]

PenGems Review and a Giveaway!


I am super excited about this one! Have you ever heard of PenGems? If you haven’t, you MUST check them out! They are so much fun! You already know that I am a planner addict :) What is an amazing pairing for an awesome planner? A gorgeous pen!! That’s what! Do you like color? Sparkle? […]

Dining Room Light Transformation

Dining Room Light Robyn's Little Nest 2

In my last post, the Boxwood Wreath – Simple 5 Minute Change, I mentioned that we spray painted our mirror in the dining room. I can not even begin to tell you how much money we have saved by spray painting what we already had! We all love to save money right?! In my For […]

DIY Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad Robyn's Little Nest 5

Ever since I got my Mac Computer, the mouse won’t work on my desk top. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to work on a glass surface. I was using a Pottery Barn magazine as a mouse pad. Sad right. It was sliding all over and not very efficient. So….time for a DIY!!! I cut a fun […]

Boxwood Wreath – A Simple 5 Minute Change

3M Command 2 Robyn's Little Nest

Hi! Remember me?? I have missed you! I have really had to put blogging on the back burner lately due to some family emergencies. Things are better and I can get back to business! I am always working on small changes around here. I have been wanting a Boxwood Wreath. Forever. On my list for […]

Organized Taxes

Organized Taxes Robyn's Little Nest

It’s that time of year. Tax season. Not the most exciting thing to do however is a must. Why not be organized while doing them :) I recently tackled my taxes. They literally were a pile of folders. Messy, disorganized and chaotic. Time to get organizing! Supplies: File Box, Label Maker, Scissors, Hanging Folders, Manilla […]

2015 Goals and a New Years Reboot


Every year, I plan to make huge changes with great intentions. I somehow never accomplish everything I set out to do. This year, I am thinking I need a bit of a system reboot. I need to take an over all look at what is going on and start fresh. Remove the unnecessary and make […]