Christmas Card Display

Christmas Card Display Robynslittlenest

I really wanted to try something new with our Christmas cards. This year, we put a Christmas Tree in our basement. It seems to be where we spend most of our time these days. Now that it is finished that is! (I promise to show that as soon as things settle down!) We haven’t had […]

New Traditions – 25 Christmas Books

Christmasbook tradition robynslittlenest

As my boys get older, I realize time is flying by and I really want them to have wonderful memories! I want them to have family traditions to carry on to their families in addition to the new ones they create :) We do currently have an Elf on the Shelf and our family does get an Annual […]

Our Family Photo Session Fall 2014


It has been over 2 years since we had our family photos professionally taken. We really want to try to do it every year :) My favorite types of sessions are Lifestyle. I love the “in the moment” photos. They tend to capture the most genuine of smiles…the most tender of touches….the goofy expressions…..the most […]

Organized Pinterest Boards

organized pinterest boards

Pinterest can be a wonderful thing! It can also be a VERY overwhelming thing. It’s a tool you want to use to your advantage. You want to be able to pin (until your heart is content) and still find it later. Well, at least I do! :) It doesn’t matter if you are new to […]

Halloween 2014

robynslittlenest halloween 2014

I am always amazed by the kids choices in costumes every year. Some years kids choose to go with the popular theme. Some get creative. Some years costumes get a 2nd life :) We have been lucky! I have been able to mostly choose the costumes for my kids. However, this past year they were […]

My Halloween Confession


I eat my kids Halloween candy. There, I said it. Ok, so here is the thing…I have ZERO self-restraint when it comes to Halloween candy. Come on…..admit it……you don’t either (lie to me anyways). I am being 100% honest here. (ducking in shame) I can’t help it. It’s insane. It is absolutely delicious. I sneak […]

Waging Nap Wars


“Babe! I think we are losing the nap wars! While I realize we are not quitters……..we may have to raise the white flag!” My recent words to my husband. When we gave up naps for my oldest, he was 4. Literally almost to the day. It was time. He had never been one to climb […]

Why We Ditched Our Keurig


We received our first Keurig as a gift for Christmas several years ago. We cleaned it ….brewed our first cup and yuck. All we could taste was plastic. So we returned it. A year or so later, we decided to try it again. We loved it. No more plastic taste. The convenience alone was amazing. […]

How to Create an Effective Organizing List

grey white chevron 8x 10

Whenever I dive into a project, I always seem overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. At least a hundred questions go through my mind. The key to tame the chaos in my head is writing a list. Shocking I know ;) Not just a random brain dump kind of list (which always comes […]