How to Create an Effective Organizing List

grey white chevron 8x 10

Whenever I dive into a project, I always seem overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. At least a hundred questions go through my mind. The key to tame the chaos in my head is writing a list. Shocking I know ;) Not just a random brain dump kind of list (which always comes [...]

First Day of School (Part 2)


I know I know…..your a little late aren’t you?? Well, better late than never right?!?! This year was another exciting school year for us! Connor had already began school (see First Day of School – Part 1). Then a few days later, my babies began Preschool! My babies starting school…….(hold on while I am trying [...]

My Travelers Notebook and a Chic Sparrow Giveaway!!

Robyn's Little Nest Travelers Notebook

I want to introduce you to my Travelers Notebook. What is a Travelers Notebook you ask? (“isn’t she lovely…isn’t she wonderful”…….can you hear Stevie Wonder right now??)  “The essence of the Traveler’s Notebook is a removable paper notebook, wrapped in a thick flap of leather, held by an elastic band. That’s the very abbreviated version [...]

Kitchen Decor and Update

Robyns Little Nest Kitchen Decor (5)

In case you have missed a few of our kitchen updates, we began painting cupboards and updating hardware. I began by sharing some of my favorite Kitchen Inspiration ideas from Pinterest. We definitely were inspired and we went to work! We started with our Kitchen Cabinet Update  Then we added hardware and shared our Kitchen [...]

No Spend October!


Have you ever heard of anyone say they are participating in No Spend (Insert Month here)??? Let me explain… You decide that you want to cut back or save for something and pick a month. You make or get a simple little tracker for the month you select and check the days as you go. [...]

Tour Through Blogland


Well, Fall is here and it has been much colder than normal. However, this has been an absolutely beautiful week! I have been sort of out of touch lately. Back to school has been such a whirlwind and life has just been busy! I still need to post picture of my twins and their first [...]

First Day of School (Part 1)


Today was the First Day of 1st Grade! I really don’t know where my baby has gone. He is so grown up. He was over the moon excited for school. We have been doing our usual Back to School Organization. We got straight to business last night! :) We sat down and read The Night [...]

Month at a Glance – August 2014

Month at a Glance

We have been super busy this month! Summer is winding down and school is starting. Lots of fun stuff ahead! Posts from August Flooring Disaster Part 2 3 Easy Steps to Control and De-clutter you Email Dino-mite 3rd Birthday Party Back to School Organization (re-run) Our Entryway Transformation September….here we come!

Entryway Transformation

Entryway Transformation

This has been a long time in the making! Where to start…where to start (*squeal*) I am super excited to share this with you!!! ok…ok… we moved into our current house in 2008. We have been working on things slowly. Let me start by saying that Pinterest has not helped (even though I really love [...]