Organized Coffee Station

I love my coffee and my tea.

Every morning when I want to make a cup or 2 or 3…. I have to go down to the pantry to get coffee and teas. Our pantry is located a couple of steps down and in the hallway. Which is fine…a little exercise ever hurt anyone right? We decided to buy one of those fun little mesh drawers for under our Keurig machine to hold our k-cups and it would tide us over. I found myself refilling it…..everyday or every other day. I needed a better solution. I took a step back and realized everything was all over the place.

Time to reorganize!

(*please excuse the many unfinished projects. Future posts ;) )

DSC_0015 (526x800)

In addition, we have a counter height problem. Our Keurig won’t open sitting directly under cupboards. Add the mesh drawer k-cup holder and it really makes it difficult.

DSC_0014 (530x800)

Time to empty everything!

DSC_0026 (496x800)

Amazing how you make a bigger mess in order to organize.

DSC_0024 (611x800)

Great way to see exactly what you have! Clean out expired. Remember to utilize any containers you already have! Reuse!!!

Let’s get to it!

DSC_0202 (543x800)

I used OXO Good Grips Containers in various sizes for our sugar and tea. I do really love these chalkboard labels too! I have reused these containers and just wipe off and rewrite! :)

As for creamer, we do make our own. See my post on Homemade Coffee Creamer Here.

DSC_0198 (800x504)

I also had a few Tupperware Rectangle Modular Mates. Great storage for K-cups! If you have seen my post on Label Maker Love you will know how much I love my Epson LabelWorks label maker. I use it for everything.

DSC_0199 (800x564)

Love these cabinet shelves I got from the Container Store! These make great use of space!

DSC_0197 (489x800)

Lastly, while I was at my best friends house, I notices this appliance slider! This was a great solution to my counter height problem!

Put the Keurig on the appliance slider…..

DSC_0211 (503x800)

Slide out…..

DSC_0212 (648x800)


DSC_0202 (543x800)

This new re-organized Coffee Station is working like a dream!


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  1. Pat says

    It’s true. To clean up a mess you first have to make a mess. But it sure feels good when its finished. I went back to label post. I like how you put labels on your cords. I most definitely will have to do that. Never can remember what all those cords are for. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    That appliance slider is BRILLIANT! Seriously, I never would have thought to get one, but I just put one in my amazon cart after reading this post. I’ve been on a mission to organize my kitchen and finding a new home for my Keurig was presenting a problem. But now…:)

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