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I desperately want to lighten up our kitchen. There is nothing really wrong with our kitchen other than it is old and has a few dysfunctional cupboards. Truth = I really want to take a sledge-hammer to it (talk about stress relief) and have a brand new beautiful kitchen. Unfortunately, doing a kitchen remodel is so expensive. We need to find another way. An inexpensive diy way!

Last year, we opened up a wall and created a breakfast bar (see my Breakfast Reveal Post here). It made a tremendous difference with our plan for open concept. Which I love. Now I stare at our kitchen and everything is brown. Come to think of it, we have a lot of brown or wood color in our house. I really want to brighten it up! We need some color! :)


DSC_0034 (640x415)

DSC_0041 (640x425)

If you recently saw my post on a Organized Coffee Station, you will have gotten a better look at the colors of my kitchen.

DSC_0222 (800x456)

I don’t hate our kitchen. I don’t love it either.

Time for some inspiration!



(Original source unavailable)







(Original source unavailable)







(Original source unavailable)

Looking forward to brightening up our space! Stay tuned!


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  1. says

    Your current kitchen is way better than ours! LOVE LOVE LOVE the breakfast bar, the pendant lighting, the backsplash and…that curtain! Where on earth did you get that amazing curtain?! *wink*

    • says

      Thanks girlfriend! The breakfast bar has made a tremendous difference for us! The curtain IS amazing! My super awesome crafty talented friend make it for me as I am sooooooo clueless how to sew!

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