Planner Series Part 3: A-Z Filing Section

Welcome back to my Planner Series! In case you missed it,
check out Part 1 – My Coupon Binder (here) and Part 2 – My 2014 Planner (here).

I would like to introduce you to my a – z tab. My filing cabinet. Let me explain.

2014-03-14 15.02.36 (800x641)

At one point, I used a home management or “My Brain Dump Binder“, and left it at home. It held everything except for my calendar. My Brain Dump Binder was a way for me to get everything out of my head and organized in one place. The problem with that was if I needed anything from it while I was out, I never had it. It was big and heavy. I also realized I was holding onto a large amount of paper that I didn’t need. Time to reorganize, clean it out and simplify. I came across an idea for putting an a – z section or filing cabinet into my day-to-day planner. It was brilliant and made total sense.

Insert the a – z address tabs that comes with most planners. I started to file things into my a – z section. Things such as house projects, contacts, books to read, medication list etc. I found many of the tabs remained empty. Time to tweak it! I then came across the idea of combining letters. I made 6 dividers and “clumped” some of my letters together! Perfect!

2014-03-14 15.04.30 (800x603)

My 6 dividers are as follows: abcd, efgh, ijkl, mnop, qrst, uvwxyz.

What I find works the best for me is to “file” naturally. For example, I have a physicians list but I would look for it under doctors so I file it under d. Or invite lists for my boy’s birthday parties, I would file under b for birthday party.  You file how it works best for you.

In my a-z sections I currently have:

ABCD- Addresses, Annual Appointments, Annual Renewals, Beauty Product Wish List, Bonus Structure, Birthday Party Invite List, Blog Post Ideas, Bucket List, Books to Read, Contacts, Doctor Information, Annual Donation List

EFGH – House Projects, Holiday List

IJKL – Important Dates for 2015, Job Information

MNOP – Monthly Meal Plan Calendar, Medications, Movies To See, To Be Organized, Post Ideas, Planner Wish List, Project List

QRST – Recipes To Try, Reunion Information, Room Parent, Online Shopping Tracker, Items for Sale, To Buy/Shopping, Silpada Wish List, Special Dates, Things To Make

UVWXYZ – Favorite Websites, Weight Log, WNY MOM, Websites Usernames and Passwords

2014-03-14 15.04.41 (600x800)

(These dividers are available in my etsy shop.)

I have found some great printables through various blogs and sites that are perfect for this “filing cabinet”. Here is a list of some of the printables I am using.

 I Heart Organizing has some great free printables!

The Polka Dot Posie Printables – Small Home Management Printables

Pembroke Papers – Various Inserts

To see my a-z section in detail, please watch my you tube video below.


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    Great post, Robyn!! the A-Z filing system is the best thing that ever happened to my planner. I LOVE IT! I also think I need to move to just 6 tabs for that, instead of 13 I have now!!!

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