Organized Spice and Baking Cupboard

In my current efforts to de-clutter and organize, I am going cupboard by cupboard. If you have been following along, you will likely remember my post on Kitchen Inspiration. We are in the process of doing a inexpensive kitchen update. Really wanting to brighten our kitchen up! Well…… since we have the doors off our cabinets everything is much easier to see (and bug me)!

This spice and baking cupboard really wasn’t bad at all. I have gotten myself into a pretty regular routine of checking dates on items as I am using them.  My cupboards are original to the house. The house was built in 1967. When you open the double cupboards there is a wide bar in the front. Almost like the cupboard is supposed to look like 2 instead of 1. If it wasn’t for the fact you can see the middle when the doors are closed, I would cut them out!

DSC_0213 (693x800) (554x640)

On the bottom left, I have a cabinet organizer. This allows me to see what I have and utilize all of the space in the cupboard.

DSC_0215 (800x481) (640x385)

As you may have seen in my Organized Coffee Station post, I use several of these OXO Container. I added chalkboard labels and done!

DSC_0219 (693x800) (554x640)

Spice packets, extracts, toothpicks and thermometers.

DSC_0217 (800x580) (640x464)

I label just about everything! Totally loving these washi labels! See my Label Maker Love post for details on my Epson LabelWorks Label Maker.

DSC_0216 (800x523) (640x431)

DSC_0218 (612x800) (490x640)

Love organized cabinets!


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