A Face Lift…..Say What???

Gotcha didn’t I! Did you think I was talking about me? Nah……how about a blog lift instead! We needed a nip and tuck around here! :) You maybe asking….again? Didn’t you just do this? I did but when you know what you want, you do it until you get it right. I can say that I am THRILLED with my new design! It looks amazing! I have to thank Andrea Roy from Andrea Roy Studio for working her tail off for me! She is amazing and oh so patient!

blog page

So take a few minutes and take a tour! Check out the archives for posts of the past! Tons of fun organization, parties and DIY for you to see! Stop by my recipes and see what you can make for dinner tonight!

Happy Friday!



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  1. lH says

    I did like your old set up but do love the face lift! It is so nice when your vision comes to life!!! Looking forward to the next post!

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